Wednesday, March 02, 2005

IBM to Demonstrate Portfolio of Accessibility Technologies for ISVs and Web Developers at PartnerWorld

Found on ArriveNet Technology Press Releases

Solutions Enable Developers to Make the Web Widely Accessible

Distribution Source : Market Wire
Date : Wednesday - March 02, 2005

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (Market Wire - Mar 02, 2005) -- IBM today introduced a range of solutions and developers' tools that open up the Worldwide Web and other information technology to the aging workforce and people with disabilities at its annual PartnerWorld Conference.

This portfolio of accessibility technologies enables ISVs/developers to make web sites and IT systems accessible and, further underscores IBM's commitment to providing information technology that everyone can use.

Included at the PartnerWorld demonstration is IBM's innovative talking Web browser, the Home Page Reader version 3.04, an effective tool for developers to test Web pages for accessibility early in the prototype and design stage as well as after the content or application has been deployed.

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