Thursday, February 10, 2005

You're never really the first...but hopefully you're better!

So, here I was thinking that I was being clever...delving into the blogsphere and exploring it as as not only a relatively new technology, but also as a potential communication tool for those in my niche of the industry to share ideas in the hopes of identifying best practices (or something along those lines). But then as I typed in the URL to this blog I accidently visited and happily stumbled across the blog of someone in my niche of the industry who had the same brilliant idea...only first. I guess this is is my first link to an industry cohort that has resulted from the blogosphere...and I haven't even been online fo 6 hours yet! The power of technology. So, yeah...visit this other higher ed websites blog and for general pet peeves in web sites (design, usability, etc.) hop on the eSoapbox over at

As I think about it more this is simply atypical for the web. Chances are that when it comes to what you are doing or planning on doing to or with your site you will not be the first to do so. However, whether or not you have the best and most usable implementation of said solution is entirely up to you. Yes, you will have to overcome political, bugetary, and technical issues but that's your job. To deal with all that other crap and minimize the impact that crap has on your final work product. This means becoming an expert in everything that the project requires plus everything that will require you to finesse your way around the political issues, plus being savvy enough to find a way to address bugets. You can't do this job effectively if you don't have the proper people skills, self confidence, and tact. Without this stuff your technology knowledge and experience will not afford you the proper credance needed to grow and direct the web presence of a univeristy. Have fun! ;-)

Note: the other higher ed website blog listed above hasn't been updated since 2003; there is still some good information there; too bad it was abandoned, looks like the blogger had done a bit of research.


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